DEXIS CariVuNow Offering Cavity Detection Without Radiation

We’ve just made going to the dentist a little more pleasurable. Now, patients can experience the dentist like never before with tools like the DEXIS’ new Carivu. This new diagnostic device let’s us see into your teeth like never before allowing us to better detect cavities, cracks and other issues commonly found in your teeth. The device uses near-infrared, transillumination technology. This device is also radiation free, making it far safer than other X-Ray devices on the market.

Here are just a few benefits that this device offers:

  • Pain Free: Gentle arms hold your teeth and cover them in light. This gives the teeth a translucent appearance, allowing us to see into them.
  • Early detection: It’s been shown that CariVu can detect cavities sooner than X-Ray machines and is 99% effective in finding decay in teeth. It can also locate cracks.
  • No radiation: No ionizing radiation is used with this product, making it far safer option, especially for children and those who are pregnant.
  • Shared images: The pictures can be enlarged and shared with you. Giving you the ability to see what we see.
  • Stored record: We keep a record of your teeth over time. This allows us to measure how your teeth are changing over time.

If you have any questions or would like to put the CariVu to use on yourself, please schedule an appointment by calling 262-246-8810.